Jappe Services

We believe in science and kindness!

We work with many different pets such as cats, rats and other animals but we mostly train, consult and care for dogs. Here is how we do it.

Positive Approach

We use only science based, force free, positive reinforcement (+R) techniques.
We don’t force our dogs to perform the tasks or behave according to our rules. We like them to choose to do so because they want to, because it is fun.
We give them necessary tools to solve the problems and improve their learning skills. Force free, positive reinforcement training is not just for teaching new skills to your dog but it creates a trust based bond between you and your dog and strengthen your relationship with him.

We Work Only With Certified +R Pet Professionals

Our all services managed and offered by +R Dog Trainers, Animal Behaviour Consultants and Pet Professionals.
Read More : Jappe +R Pet Professionals

Designed for you

How each species has their unique characteristics, also each dog has their unique persona and needs. That is why first we consult with you and meet with your furry friend , then we re-design-adopt our services just for you and your needs.


Our all services insured and under the guarantee of Jappe Pet Boutique & Services.

Our Services

  • Workshops
  • Dog Walking
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Training
  • Animal Behaviour Consultations
  • Kitty Kindergarten
  • Cat Training
  • Doggie Dates
  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Photography
  • Pet Birthday Parties

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