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Aysegul Aksu - Animal Behaviour Consultant & Trainer

Aysegul Aksu is the co-owner of Jappe Pet Boutique & Services where she offers various services which includes science based, force free positive reinforcement animal training. She has experience on training dogs, cats and rats. She is also the owner and the author of popular Turkish blog Sevgili Kopegim -My Dear Dog - ( www.sevgilikopegim.com ) since 2014.
She worked as volunteer for various Animal Rights and Rescue Organizations in Turkey such as HACHIKO-Istanbul and Besiktas Animal Rescue Volunteers. She is a former TV Journalist and producer. She worked for various national and international media organizations including NATO -ISAF, Turkish Public TV TRT, private network TGRT .
She follows only science based, force free, positive reinforcement techniques .
She adores her two dogs and her cat :-)


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