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What better time to train your dog then when he is a puppy? At Jappe Boutique & Services we offer a dedicated Puppy School. You and your puppy will learn basic training methods that will help both of you live a harmonious and stress free life. Remember a happy puppy is a well socialized and trained puppy!

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For Puppies between 7 weeks – 14 weeks old.

If you want your puppy to grow up to be a happy, confident, adult dog, the secret lies with a good learning foundation.
A good learning foundation is not just about teaching your puppy the basic cues such as, sit, stay, come. A good learning foundation is about socialization, learning how to learn and improving problem solving skills.
Our puppy classes focuses on these 4 main subjects:
The most important time for puppy socialization is in the first 3 months of its life. We will make sure your puppy will have positive experiences with other puppies, different people, animals, situations and environments. He will be confident, curious and enjoy discovering new things rather than fearfully reacting to them.
Preventative Behaviour Health Sessions(Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning )
Veterinarian and groomer visits don’t have to be a struggle. During our preventative behaviour health sessions, your puppy will learn being handled, groomed or examined. It might be pretty rewarding and fun as well. They will be ready for anything that they can face at the vet. or groomer. Opening the mouth, touching the paws, nail trimming, using muzzle or gentle leader.
Learning How to Learn
Dogs are like humans in many ways. They learn in many different ways, They learn through their own experiences, they learn socially, they learn through imitation, they learn through conditioning etc. We will help you to have a puppy that knows how to learn and furthermore enjoys learning. We help him increase his problem solving and learning skills while playing various games including fun brain games as well.
Potty training, mouthing , biting, stopping jumping, learning to say please while politely sitting, proper greetings, play time on — off, following the basic cues such as sit , stay, come , touch and leave it .

Why Choose Jappe Puppy Training?

Tailor made training
Our all classes are tailor made for you and your puppy. We prioritize your needs.
Innovative training techniques
During our classes, you will learn how to train your puppy while using a clicker. At the end of our lessons, you will have enough knowledge to be able to teach all kind of cues and tricks to your pup.
Long lasting free support
When you join our 4 weeks puppy training program, you get the be part of Jappe Pupz. You get a 1 year free support package. Whenever you have a question, you can just stop by at Jappe and get answers to your questions related to dog training. Furthermore, Jappe Puppy Dates will be free of charge.
Based on science not the myths
We use only science based, force free, positive reinforcement training techniques.
We work only with +R professionals who received a certificate from credible training schools.
Our all services are insured by Jappe Pet Boutique & Services.

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