JAPPE Private Dog Walking

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Come and join our Jappe Pupz Club! 

We offer private dog walking service with providing professional, personal and loving care to all dogs in Montreal LaSalle, Lachine, NDG, Saint-Henry, Verdun, Ville-Emard and Westmount.

Jappe Walks Are More Than Just A Walk!

Jappe walks are more than just physical exercise . They include mental enrichment, socialization, play time and training.


Each walk is personalized according to your dog’s needs.

Various Options

We offer various type of walks. Short pee breaks, short walks, long walks, running with your dog, educative walks for dogs that needs training.
Educative walks are a good option for dogs that pull, reactive to other people or dogs, lunges, have anxiety issues etc.


We don’t let your dogs to be walked by just anyone. Your dog will be trusted only with our team of force free Animal Behaviourists & Trainers.

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